let’s see tumblr get as excited about this as they did the totally “inclusive” white ~feminine~ rendition

$20 says nope 

I like how intimidating they look. 

Reblogging again.

Too awesome not to reblog again.


My friend Connor and I were chatting and we accidentally had a TFiOS moment.

Hi I’m Faith and I’m bored. someone should talk to me.

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A soulful male vanilla sim based off this song. I don’t know how soulful he looks, but I like him ;)

Skin (Cookie) :: Hair :: Eyebrows (no.3) ::  Gages :: Shirt (Pets) :: Pants (Supernatural) :: Shoes (base game)

(All traits are randomized as are all outfits except everyday)

TOU: You can do whatever, but he uses a few sliders, so if you want to mess with his face, you should probably check out my sliders (if you don’t intend on changing him, you don’t need sliders for him to show up right). Oh, and tag me if you use him!

Download (Dropbox)

soon to show up in my weatherwax legacy.

Jonah Fraser - a “I’m back and alive” present for y’all

Hair - Skin - Pants (Deisel stuff) - Eyes - Shirt (Deisel stuff) - Lips

Download—- .sim    -    sims3pack

Have fun with him and feel free to tag me! Also if any of y’all have sim requests message me!

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Hey, sup peeps? I”M BACK!

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Name: Casper Poreddy 

Age: YA — 22

Why you want to be a SG: I’m half Indian and I just got out of pre med, bu I don’t want to be a doctor. I wanna be an actor or a model. I’m smart, I’m capable, but I also know I’m pretty fine. My mom let down her parents when she married my dad and now I’m letting her down by not going onto grad school but I don’t care. I want to express myself, I want to share my idea of beauty with people, I want to give those girls a run for their money.I know I’ll be a kick ass Simicide Guy, so let’s do this!

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Aileen and Jace had twins and oh my glob they’re so cute! They essentially look like Aileen though. Ceildh and Finn. there are more on the way. 

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Ugh, I installed pets and island paradise and now I have to majorly clean my cc. 

I don’t wannnnaaa I have to go through all my hairs because some are glitching wahh.

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